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We are Niagara’s Fastest Growing Cheerleading Club! This is our eighth season and we are looking to do even bigger things within the cheerleading world. We Tigers know that we can offer much more than just cheerleading. We have set goals for this season to be successful and we are looking for dedicated athletes to build that with.

Our program is based off the teamwork and comradery between our coaches, athletes and parents to form our Tigers Pride. Within this pride we will not only teach each athlete the skills to stunt, dance, cheer, and tumble but to give each athlete the knowledge and feeling of safety. Therefore, they can come to our facilities and put 100% into our practices knowing each teammate, parent and coach is there to support, encourage, and contribute to their learning. Through the coming weeks we will give our athletes the confidence to work within a team or to hunt on their own.

Furthermore, as much as we demand hard work from our athletes we strive to create a positive and fun atmosphere where athletes can thrive and learn to master the skills of cheerleading, develop and grow lifelong friendships with fellow teammates and to be positive role-models within the club and Niagara’s close community. We have set goals and standards for our club and throughout community activities we plan to rise above every standard and achieve each goal - together, as a pride.

Lastly, we couldn’t be happier with the support and encouragement we have already received from our athletes and parents BEFORE our season has started. Your dedication has made this club grow in such a short amount of time, that Tigers Athletics has no limits to where it can go. We want every athlete, parent, volunteer, and future pride members to know that being apart of Tigers Athletics means you’re a very important part of our pride.

We hope you will join us for our upcoming season that will continue a long outstanding tradition of Tigers Pride.

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